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Clausentum Fen

The Fen lies alongside the river Itchen and has chalk stream, fen and woodland habitats, but it is drying out. Tree and scrub growth have choked the fen causing great deterioration in water flow and light and led to a reduction in biodiversity. We hope to reverse this.

What's Happening....

Thanks to all who attended the 2019 AGM. We are very pleased to welcome Brian Millett and Tim Walker to the committee.


Because of flooding higher up Garnier Road the HCC Highways Dept has given instructions to lower the sluice at the Garnier Road Bridge, to improve the working of the storm drains. Unfortunately this has meant that the flow into St Michaels Brook has considerably reduced from the good flow rate we have seen over the winter. The level in zone 3 has dropped a little but remains fairly stable because levels are maintained by spills from the Lockburn stream, but the reduced flow is disappointing because it threatens the chalkstream ecosystem in St Michael's Brook. We have been told that the flow will improve a little, but not to the levels we have seen over the last few months.

First damselfly of the year! Mike Gibbons reports seeing a female large red damselfly. Also, new life has come to the Fen with a group of ducklings now enjoying the water on Zone 3.

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