We are the Clausentum Fen Conservation Group. Join our mission to protect the biodiversity and the enjoyment of this beautiful area.

Clausentum Fen

The Fen lies alongside the river Itchen and has chalk stream, fen and woodland habitats, but it is drying out. Tree and scrub growth have choked the fen causing great deterioration in water flow and light and led to a reduction in biodiversity. We hope to reverse this.

What's Happening....

Thanks to all who attended the 2019 AGM. We are very pleased to welcome Brian Millett and Tim Walker to the committee.


The wetland remains healthy and the spread of the bullrushes and other aquatic grasses over the areas of water has slowed down as the temperature has fallen. We have had a few frosty nights recently with the open water in zone 3 freezing over for a while. Winter is a quiet time although there are still birds to see and plenty of fungi appearing on the dead wood.

An updated map of the Fen, reflecting the changes of the last year, is available here.

The use of a camera trap has enabled us to capture some video clips of an otter and a water vole, which can be seen below and on the Instagram page.

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    2018 Clausentum Fen Conservation Group