The records are very deficient and it is hoped specialist entomologists may survey in different conditions and on several occasions to improve our knowledge. The different habitat zones in Clausentum Fen and different niches within those habitats offers potential for many species. Southern damselfly particularly should be targeted , lost locally it might return to the proposed aquatic woodland zone of the Fen.

Invertebrates - Lepidoptera
Holly Blue
Orange tip
Red admiral
Small tortoiseshell

Invertebrates- other
Clubiona phragmites(spider)
Eristalis pertinax(hoverfly)
Gammarus pulex(freshwater shrimp) - above centre
Large-red-tailed bumblebee
Lucanus cervus(Gtr Stag beetle) - above left
Pardosa proxima(spider)
Southern damselfly - above right
White-tailed bumblebee