Recording and recent sightings

Some species have been well monitored over the last 25 years, for example our Conservation Officer Mike Gibbons has regularly updated the records for birds. Records of freshwater life are definitely under-represented, as are those for insects and invertebrates. The CFCG hope to encourage monitoring and recording of all species by those with special knowledge and interests. However, we welcome all records and sightings from the community and visitors to the Fen.

Othe pages in the Biodiversity section list records for Clausentum Fen held by the Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre together with sightings over the last 25 years but should not be regarded as definitive. Some species listed have not been seen for many years, for example Southern Damselfly, European Eel, White-clawed crayfish and many birds, including Snipe and Water Rail.

Pictures of recent sightings are now posted on our Instagram page, and can also be seen on the feed below.

    Other recent sightings

    Sarcoscypha coccinea(Scarlet elf cup fungus)
    18.03.17 In leaf litter, zone 4.

    Daldinia concentrica.(King Alfred's cake fungus)
    18.03.17 On old wood, zone 4

    Petasites hybridus (Butterbur)
    18.03.17 On soil, zones 3-4

    Caltha palustris (Marsh marigold)
    18.03.17 Edge of the brook, zone 3.

    Dragonfly larva
    21.03.17 From Matt Farmer's kick-test

    Caddisfly larvae
    21.03.17 From Matt Farmer's kick-test

    Caseless caddis

    21.03.17 From Matt Farmer's kick-test

    Cottus gobio(Bullhead)

    23.02.17 In the stream

    Gammarus pulex (Water shrimp)

    07.03.17 Under stones in the streams