Historical finds on the Fen

In January 2018 the Fen had a visit from Mark and Chris, two members of the local metal-detecting group, Midweek Searchers.

The finds were subsequently examined by Katie Hinds (Hampshire Cultural Trust Finds Liaison Officer), who will be examing them in detail.

See picture below. From top left:

medieval ornamental belt stud

medieval buckle

ornamental clip

various musket balls/fishing weights - Katie will ask a friend with a PhD in musketballs

small roman coin - Katie determined that it is from 330-335 Constantine "Gloria Exercitus" (The Glory of the Army) with two soldiers standing aside two standards

large roman coin - c320 Constantine "Beata Tranquillitas" (Blessed/Holy Peace)

Edward IV coin - c1470

large medieval horseshoe

small pony horseshoe