Annual Butterfly Surveys

We are fortunate to have regular butterfly surveys performed by Clive Wood from Butterfly Conservation and Nick Radford, who have produced a report for 2021 that is available here. Although overall butterfly abundance was down, in line with local and national trends, two new species were recorded - the Small Skipper and the Marbled White.



The fen supports a great diversity of insect and invertebrate life, thanks to the wide range of habitats. Of particular importance is the presence of water, both in the streams and in the open areas of zone 3. There are a few old records of species seen, but most remain unrecorded.

Kick sampling surverys in the Floodstoc are undertaken from time to time to monitor the aquatic life with a particular emphasis on riverflies. Data is sent to the national ARMI recording scheme.

We offer a particularly good habitat for dragonflies and damselflies. Many are breeding well, and there are abundant dragonfly and damselfly nymphs in the water. A number of butterflies have been recorded as well. Tim Walker ran his mercury vapour trap in June 2018.

The following species have been seen in 2018. S


Common Blue Damselfly
Large Red Damselfly
Banded Demoiselle


Broad Bodied Chaser
Golden Ringed Dragonfly
Southern Hawker
Black Tailed Skimmer
Common Darter


Holly Blue
Orange tip
Red admiral
Small tortoiseshell


Alder beetle
Stag Beetle
Cockchafer Beetle

Moths (thanks to Tim Walker)

Diamond-back Moth
Aleimma loeflingiana
Pammene aurita
Ephestia unicolorella
Eudonia lacustrata
Crambus perlella
Eyed Hawkmoth
Elephant Hawkmoth
Single-dotted Wave
Scarlet Tiger
Clouded Border
Willow Beauty
Round-winged Muslin
Marsh Oblique-barred
Smoky Wainscot
Small Square-spot
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Buff Footman
Ingrailed Clay
Small Magpie
Treble Lines
Heart and Dart
Straw Dot
Archips podana

Invertebrates- other - some old records
Clubiona phragmites(spider)
Eristalis pertinax(hoverfly)
Gammarus pulex(freshwater shrimp) - above centre
Large-red-tailed bumblebee
Lucanus cervus(Gtr Stag beetle) - above left
Pardosa proxima(spider)
Southern damselfly - above right (unconfirmed)
White-tailed bumblebee